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You’re the person who starts their sentences with “technically…” and can singlehandedly doodle code for the new infrastructure on a napkin in your sleep.

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You know how to make things work. Like bridges and machines and cars. You’re kind of like a superhero. High five!

Mechanical Cog


You thrive on hunting for the newest fans for your company, helping to convert them into your best customers.

Government Building


You are a person who is great at making things. Making things isn’t as easy as some people think! You are committed to quality, efficiency and the things you make.

Mechanical Cog


You’re an expert relationship-builder who thrives on solving customer problems. Did we mention that we’re hiring for our team too?

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You don't fit into any of these other categories, but are an amazing professional who wants to partner with us!

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The jobs that you see on our site are real, updated often, and offer exclusivity to organizations ranging from the up-and-coming local incubators to Fortune 500’s. At Kane Partners, we believe in treating everyone we work with with respect and transparency while having some fun along the way. No salesy bits. No false promises. What are you waiting for? Connect with our team today!

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